'Chase A Cloud'

Website for Chase A Cloud, build on WIX platform.

Chase A Cloud is a video & animation creating team based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Visit website: www.chaseacloud.com



Website development for Chase A Cloud -

a storytelling team creating great videos that explain an idea,

product or service in a clear and entertaining way.


The style we are looking for is clean and concise but not boring.

The site design should be taken into account easy navigation,

logical arrangement of elements and a clear presentation of

the brand‘s projects.

While developing the design, we ensured the adaptability of all elements.


The colors used in the website are also very important element.

We use a monochrome range to highlight the company's projects.

The colors and typography used in the theme

of the website complete each other.

The monochrome colors like black,  blue and grey

allows the information and projects to be presented clearly and stylishly.


The font is clean and inspires confidence.





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