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Website for Niklas Herriger - coaching for Founders of high-growth companies scaling from 5 to 100 people.


Website design and development on Wix platform.

Website for Niklas Herriger, build on Wix platform.

Niklas Herriger_Minimalist-Showcase-Project-Presentation.png


The colors used on the website are also very important.

We use a minimalist black and white color scheme to keep the look very stylish and business-oriented.

White and black monochrome fields allow services and descriptions to stand out and to be presented clearly and stylishly; the text to be readable, and the site to be well received by visitors.

Website development for Niklas Herriger-
coach for Founders of high-growth companies scaling from 5 to 100 people.


The style we are looking for is very clean, monochromic and stylish.
The site's design should take into account easy navigation, a logical arrangement of elements, and a clear presentation of our client's services and contacts.

Niklas Herriger _colours.png


Perspective Website PSD Mock-Up_niklas.jpg

While developing the design,

we ensured the adaptability of all elements.

The colors and typography used in the theme of the website complement each other.

Perspective Website PSD Mock-Up_niklas.jpg


The fonts are clean and inspire confidence.

Helvetica Light - texts
Light - section headlines

Niklas Herriger_Free Website Mockup PSD For Screen Templates Presentation.jpg
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